Thro’ my eyes. A memoir

Scary moment. Scary, but exciting too.
Together with Route Books I am announcing the hardback and special edition hardback ( see photo) release of my memoirs, “ Thro’ my eyes”.
Please follow the link and all will be revealed.
I will also have sale copies with me at all of my shows after Cropredy.
For information on the book go to:

Thro’ My Eyes – A Memoir


Live dutch national radio last night with MSC

Last night we played Leo Blokhuis’ show on Radio Npo2. We did two songs of the new album ‘Like a Radio’ live.. want to see how we sounded?

Leo Blokhuis commented on the new album when it came out in February,
“…This fine record oozes with the excitement that making music can give: beautiful melodies, very well sung and arranged to great taste…”
here he subs for Bart.. click photo to see the clips..

Click to see the clips.. in photo it’s Leo, BJ, Iain and Eric