New CD

The new MSC album ” Like a radio ” is almost ready. To be released worldwide in January 2018 through M.I.G. Germany. The recording is finished. Likewise sequencing and mastering. Artwork needs doing. Should be complete in the next month. Excited.


So stay tuned, more news to follow…

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  1. Thank you for sending the (2) CD’s of “A Baker’s Dozen” and an extra disc of “Zumbach’s Coat” to my daughter Amanda in So. Lake Tahoe, Ca. She brought my Baker’s Dozen disc to me in her luggage when she visited me in the Dominican Republic recently and she was really pleased with her purchase. Can’t wait to hear the new Matthews Southern Comfort in 2018 as I know it will be great.

    After MSC gets the release and tours it deserves it would be great if Egbert, Richard Thompson and yourself would get an album together (or three!) and a commence a big world tour. Heck, we ain’t getting any younger but your music is getting better and better!
    From my daughter and myself, thank you Iain.
    Phil Wolf

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